Live Off The Grid in a Custom Log Cabin

In a world that is in constant communication with the internet and people living on the grid, people are jam packed with society to live as if they were packed in a sardine can. But what if I told you there was a way out of the situation? What if I told you that you didn’t have to live in that fancy high-rise in the city or that multi-million dollar house/condo/apartment or whatever it is you’re spending a fortune on trying to pay off in the next ten years? How does living OFF the grid with absolutely NO STRESS? If that sounds like something you may be interested in, then check out custom log cabins.

No, these are not the same ones you have been to camp with since you were in 5th grade. Imagine that same log cabin on steroids! These cabins are made of wood (obviously) with plenty of luxury and space that will make you appreciate what the great outdoors has to offer. The benefits of living in a log cabin are tremendous. You’re leaving no carbon footprint by going green! Living off the grid and having virtually no mortgage to pay is a huge incentive. Sure you can get electricity, television, and the internet. There are no rules for living a life that keeps you on the grid. But living in a log cabin connects with nature in a way that you will never get while living in the city (unless you camp A LOT). I don’t need to point out that studies have shown that less stress equals increased longevity, health and wellness (that should be a given).

Whether you’re looking to build your cabin or purchase one that can be built to order, log cabins can be fun, creativity, and a life changing experience. If you would love to have a new start in life, consider living (at least renting) a log cabin.

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